Both online and in-person Consciousness based counselling, spiritual psychotherapy are available as well as counselling for problems arising out of spiritual/occult practices (both for Indians and clients from outside India).

Services for general psychiatric problems, child and adolescent psychiatric problems, marital problems, family problems, substance abuse and geriatric services are available (clients from India only where pharmacotherapy is required).

Also services offered for stress management, personal growth, personality development for groups/corporates and awareness programmes for substance abuse, sexual harassment, youth problems at community level and awareness programmes for dyslexia, learning programmes and ADHD for school children.

We offer the following:

  • Children : developmental, learning and behavioural problems
  • Adolescents : conflicts, crises, emotional, behavioural and social issues
  • Psychopharmacology: For clients in India
  • Counselling :In person at designated clinics
  • Counselling: online (Video and Skype)
  • Webinars: on Consciousness and Yoga psychology, Kundalini psychology (working through chakras), Personality development
  • Training & Seminars: Consciousness based psychology, Integral psychotherapy, Integral Health

Dr. Basu is assisted by a group of psychologists, counsellors and mental health volunteers in addition to help through liaison services.