Dr. Soumitra Basu, is a Consultant Psychiatrist, dividing his professional time between Kolkata and Pondicherry. He has been working to develop consciousness paradigms in health and psychology from Sri Aurobindo’s perspective. He is one of the editors of the Journal of Integral Health , NAMAH (www.namahjournal.com), one of the Founder-Directors of the Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Integral Health and Research, Pondicherry, Director of the Institute of Integral Yoga Psychology, Auroshakti Foundation and Honorary Secretary of Mirravision Trust (a public charitable Trust dedicated to Sri Aurobindo’s vision).  He has been serially presenting chapter-wise discourses on the Life Divine (www.iiyp.net) and the Ideal of Human Unity (www.motsac.org) from the psychological perspective. He has been exhaustively working on the psychological insights in Integral yoga on a long-term research project initiated by Dr. A.S.Dalal and at present, together with Dr. Michael Miovic of USA has been constructing a module of Consciousness Based Psychology.  He conducts workshops on consciousness models of psychological growth and Stress Management in both academic and corporate sectors. He is a senior Faculty in Social Work, Vidyasagar University, West Bengal, India and extra-mural Faculty in Indian Psychology at Calcutta University.  He has authored numerous articles on the psychological, psychopathological and social  perspectives related to Sri Aurobindo’s Thought and his books include Integral Health, Integral Education, The Caste System of India—An Aurobindonian Perspective, Sri Aurobindo’s Political Life (Bengali) and Consciousness Based Psychology (co-authored by Dr.Michael Miovic, in press).