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About Consciousness Based Counselling

Counselling through consciousness is based on the emergent Consciousness based psychology that has been extrapolated from the psychology implicit in the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. In fact, it is a clinical application of the Integral Psychology or Integral Yoga psychology whose metaphysical basis has already been worked upon by notable Aurobindonian scholars.

Dr. Soumitra Basu has been developing this approach through more than three decades of practice and his experiences coupled with those of his collaborator has been put into a book titled Consciousness based Psychology (in Amazon).

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Both online and in-person Consciousness based counselling, spiritual psychotherapy are available as well as counselling for problems arising out of
spiritual/occult practices (both for Indians and clients from outside India).

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Dr. Basu is assisted by a group of psychologists, counsellors and mental health volunteers in addition to help through liaison services.

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You can contact us initially by writing a short note on your problems and mailing it to us. We will inform you how we would be available for consultation. We would also inform you in case you would need help from others sources. In case of any emergency you may draw our attention separately.